I don't think I can do this without you.

Every "why" has its "because".

The guest list includes Kyung, my cousin; John, my brother; and Jeannette, his wife.

Boyce was in a good mood.

The two races witnessed numerous revolutions during their time on the planet.

You should take off your coat.


You dialed the wrong number.


I'm needed here.


I ran into my aunt by chance in Europe.

Yesterday was Tuesday, 2010, January the 26th.

She arranged the flowers beautifully.


Jelske doesn't know what it's like to be poor.


Vaughn and Russ carpool whenever they can.


Trevor respects your opinion.


Kristi clicked off the radio.

Sal refused their offer.

It turned out all right.

Millions of wild animals live in Alaska.

Why didn't he go to Germany?

We're not going to Boston.

They're all special.

Cheese doesn't digest easily.

Could you take me to a movie?

Let's try to be sensible about this.

Don't you think you should be with Kent right now?

He is stronger than I am.

Sir double-checked his bank balance before writing the cheque.

I'm going to a monster truck rally.

I think it's time for me to step aside.


Herbert is in poor health.


Anton was too busy worrying about Kee to worry about himself.


I'm not lazy.

Vern suspects that Nadeem and I are plotting something.

The invention of the telephone caused a revolution in our way of living.

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I'll pay double the price.


You'll be safe there.

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Please stop!


He was kind enough to give me something cold to drink.

There's the use of four letter words.

The positive integer 126 has the prime factors 2, 3, 3 and 7.


You're nothing to me.

"If you're not feeling good today you should stay home" "No, no. I'll be fine."

I was drunk.

Your opinion is off the mark. That's plain to anyone.

Hon has taken over his father's company.


Calm down and be cool.

What are the world's three most frequently performed operas?

I wish we didn't have so many problems.

We must be careful that this never happens again.

Who's your favorite movie star?

Who can I call to fix my leaky ceiling?

His girlfriend did it for him.


She missed her son.

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They've spotted us.

Please don't leave valuable things here.

Sheep give us wool.

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Two specialists are quite enough.


My back tooth has chipped.


Rod has never had much money.


Why did they fire Suu?

It's eight-thirty.

"Plastic, go clean your room." "My friends are waiting for me. Can't I do it later?"

It was quite windy.

Why are you waiting?


Could you tell me where I can put my coat?

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It's my pleasure to come to your university.

You can rely on Jack.

"I'm soaked with sweat.' "Step back. You stink!"

I'm not afraid to be criticized.

She needed space.

What is your favorite sound?

So what are the implications?

Take care of your nervous system.

They all sat.

Manolis put his gun under his pillow.

We knew Kamiya was unhappy.

Tomorrow, we're holding a farewell gathering for Nancy.

The best way to learn to swim is to swim.

Let's keep an eye on this.

They looked on this success as most important.

I want you to wait for me.

Ilya was impeccably dressed and well prepared for his job interview with the finance company.

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Should I ask him out?


She's not a criminal.

Ira warned Phiroze to stay away from his house.

Judge didn't eat lunch with us.

The girl stood up to her knees in the water.

Our teacher is in a good mood.

Tatoeba is insulting me!

Almost everyone was dead.

Ned could be anywhere by now.

Malcolm wasn't at school today.

West is in trouble not because he is a gay man, but because he is a man who was apparently willing to use the power of his public office to solicit sexual favors.

Don't laugh at Merat.

It is just because fear of punishment has no deterrent effect that crime continues in spite of all laws and courts, prisons and executions.

I wish I could go to Japan.

Pratapwant was sitting there.

I'll go to Paris when I have the money necessary.

Other than you, I don't have any friends.

Capital-intensive industries are not necessarily knowledge-intensive industries.


I would be most obliged if you would shut up!

Random Acts of Kindness Day, celebrated on February 17th, is one of the recently originated holidays that have come to achieve some popularity worldwide.

It was an emergency.

In the absence of my travel partner, I took several solo trips.

My fingers are all inky from the tragic calligraphy accident.

He called me the following day.

The temperature fell several degrees.

Gordon is a juvenile delinquent.

The square of nine is eighty-one.

I was lying.

Bret hasn't seen Masanobu more than five or six time in the past twelve years.

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At Kuroda Primary School we assemble at a prearranged time and go to school as a group.


Swimming is good for your health.

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Mason never was neat.


Exactly what was supposed to happen?

The girl let the bird go.

I've found something I'd like to show you.

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This is a horrible tragedy.

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You can buy it yourself.

Why don't you like us?

Eddie knew where he had last seen his car.

Everybody's got secrets.

A point is that which has no parts.


The event starts at noon.


He is very kind to me.


Tell them to let the dog out.

Rongrong's mother is nothing like a good mother.

The news was not confirmed.


Tell me when you first saw the island.


What brings you here?

It's very serious.

Lenora is going to be here all day.

I feel strange.

I went to the cinema, but I didn't enjoy the film much.

I can't give that up.

I got control of the works.

Have you found a job?

The art historian wrote an essay about the ancient Greek vase.

The money was not invested in areas where it could bring benefit over the long term.

Sorry for being late.

They call you Marilyn.

Don't go home.


The fans were ecstatic about the win.

We're survivors.

Some snow-covered mountains were seen in the distance.

I cannot tolerate noisy children.

Is Lui under arrest?

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Does anybody here know her?

Languages are always translatable.

I was wondering if you might have time to help us.

He lives in a flat.

The International Ultraviolet Explorer provided information about physical conditions in the central regions of distant galaxies that may contain black holes. It also provided scientists with more knowledge of the physical conditions in very hot stars, the effect of solar winds on the atmospheres of the planets in our solar system, and the loss of mass from stars when stellar winds and flares occur.

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Most people would rather die than think; in fact, they do so.


I can only pay 100 dollars at most.

They live in the same state.

Today I got up early.


Izzy seemed very surprised when I told him about it.